2014.1.3 Icehouse Released

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OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder)

OpenStack Compute (Node)

OpenStack Image Registry and Delivery Service (Glance)

OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon)

OpenStack Identity (Keystone)

OpenStack Networking (Neutron)

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알려진 이슈 및 제한 사항

  • There is a known issue in all Icehouse releases that results in Neutron DHCP agent constantly resyncing its state once a network and a subnet is created with a gateway outside of it. To avoid this, users are encouraged to set force_gateway_on_subnet to True in neutron.conf. See Bug 1304181
  • Operators of existing Neutron Icehouse ML2 based deployments will need to apply the following SQL statement to their Neutron database. This is to fix a race condition in agent status report updates. See Bug 1254246
ALTER TABLE agents ADD CONSTRAINT uniq_agnets0agent_type0host UNIQUE (agent_type, host);