[OpenStack Day in Korea 2015] Track 3 발표자료

Track 3-1 OpenStack Storage Infrastructure & NetApp Robert Esker / NetApp Track 3-2 Huawei Cloud Computing Powered by OpenStack Robin Xie – Huawei Track 3-4 Software Defined Storage (SDS) and the Cloud: Changing IT Forever Noam Shendar – Zadara Storage 장석재 – 매니저, KT Track 3-6 Archiectural Overview of the Open Source Dan Mihai Dumitriu […]

[OpenStack Day in Korea 2015] Track 2 발표자료

Track 2-1 Cisco Defined OpenStack 김형수 – 부장, Cisco Track 2-2 OpenStack for PaaS: Why it’s Hot 김학진 – 상무, Pivotal Track 2-3 오픈스택 클라우드에 최적화된 네트워크 가상화 ‘누아지(Nuage)’ 배용준 – 이사, Nuage Networks Track 2-4 Towards Programmable Network (Concept and Use Cases) 정재웅 – 대표, Atto Research Track 2-5 Building Software-Defined Infrastructure with SDN/NFV/Cloud […]

[OpenStack Day in Korea 2015] Track 1 발표자료

Track 1-1 Triple O를 이용한 빠르고 쉬운 OpenStack 설치 변상욱 – 부장, Cloud Consultant, Hewlett Packard Korea Track 1-2 Red hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 6 최원영 – 부장, Red Hat Track 1-3 오픈스택 KBS 방송제작 시스템 적용 사례 임태현 – 감독, KBS​ Track 1-4 VDI OpenStack? It Works!!! 안명호 – 대표, MHR Track 1-6 […]