2014.1.4 Icehouse Released

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  • Fix unsafe SSL connection on TrustedFilter adds an option attestation_insecure_ssl in TrustedFilter which can be used to verify CAs. The default value is set to True, disabling SSL certificate verification. While this is the insecure option, it was selected for backward compatibility reasons.



  • There is a known issue in all Icehouse releases that results in Neutron DHCP agent constantly resyncing its state once a network and a subnet is created with a gateway ouside of it. To avoid this, users are encouraged to set force_gateway_on_subnet to True in neutron.conf. See Bug 1304181
  • Fix for the Eventlet threads not released back to the pool added wsgi_keep_alive option. In order to maintain the backward compatibility default value is True and recommended is to set it to False.