2014.2.3 Juno Release Note

해결된 보안 이슈

  • OpenStack Image Registry and Delivery Service (Glance)
    • OSSA-2015-004 : Image data remains in backend after deleting the image created using task api (import-from)
    • OSSA-2015-004 : Image file stays in store if image has been deleted during upload
  • OpenStack Compute (Nova)
  • OpenStack Networking (Neutron)

버그 픽스

알려진 이슈와 제한사항


  • Fix live migration RPC compatibility with older versions Users wishing to use shared stage based live migration during upgrade between Icehouse and Juno have been unable to do so because of an existing safeguard against a known issue with shared block devices. This patch allows users of non-shared block based migration (i.e., NFS) to use live migration, though it does not fix the toriginal bug affecting shared block device users (i.e., RBD). Those users should take special care if using this feature, refer to review #151775 for more details.