2014.2.4 Release

2014.2.4 릴리즈는 OpenStack Compute (Nova), OpenStack Identity (Keystone), OpenStack Image Registry and Delivery Service (Glance), OpenStack Networking (Neutron), OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder), OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon), OpenStack Orchestration (Heat), OpenStack Telemetry (Ceilometer), OpenStack Data Processing (Sahara) and OpenStack Database Service (Trove)에 대한 Juno 버그픽스 업데이트입니다.
이번 릴리즈에 포함된 버그 픽스는 stable 브런치에서 개발 브런치로 백포트했습니다. 이번 릴리즈는 의도한 되돌리기 또는 API 변경에 있어 낮은 위험성으로 업데이트를 하기위한 것입니다.

해결된 보안 이슈


  • OSSA-2015-011: Cinder host file disclosure through qcow2 backing file




  • OSSA-2015-009: Potential Keystone cache backend password leak in log


  • OSSA-2015-012: Neutron L2 agent DoS through incorrect allowed address pairs
  • OSSA-2015-018: Neutron firewall rules bypass through port update


  • OSSA-2015-017: Nova may fail to delete images in resize state
  • OSSA-2015-021: Nova network security group changes are not applied to running instances

버그 픽스

총 180개.

알려진 이슈나 제한 사항


  • Zero prefixed address pairs are no longer accepted by the Juno API, users need to use and or /1 and 8000/1 instead. The fix_zero_length_ip_prefix.py tool is provided to clean ports previously configured with a zero prefixed address pair.